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Hi, I’m Chris and I love t-shirts.

I got my start in t-shirt design when I was going to school studying Information Technology and working as a bartender.  A friend of mine started a silk-screening business and needed someone to create some of the designs.  So I got on my trusty Mac and went to work. We did mostly Mountain Bike events and companies including designs for Easton, Marzocchi, Over the Bars Club, Snow Summit, etc.  We also did designs for City of Pasadena, Walmart, Barney’s & Dino’s Restaurants.  I really liked doing designs for silk screening because it was always a challenge to create awesome designs with a limited amount of colors.

But I had to give up my artistic passion to pursue a career in Corporate IT.  But working for companies such at Disney Theatrical Productions, ETV, and Direct TV I was lucky to be surrounded by creative people.

After many years of sitting in traffic in the LA area I decided to head to Arizona.  Being in such a sunny climate and working mostly from home I found my self wearing a t-shirt and shorts most days.  I decided to reignite my passion for designing t-shirts and started Hogfish Tees.

My biggest thrill is knowing that someone is wearing my t-shirts all over the USA and in Europe as well.

You can find Hogfish Tees on several platforms,,, and on Redbubble & Ebay.

Why Hogfish?  Well that’s a story for another time…


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